5 Last-Minute Stocking Stuffers

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

You procrastinated, who would've thought! Luckily, we have some last-minute stocking stuffers that just about anyone will love.

1. Cream Soda Detector

  • These slick testing-strips will tell you whether or not you're drinking cream soda. Simply place the strip into the drink, wait 15 seconds, remove the strip, wait 5 minutes, and you'll know whether or not your drink is Cream Soda!

2. Tony Danza's "Teeth Remover"

  • Fans of "Who's the Boss" and "Taxi" will get a real kick out of this one. Tony Danza has released his very own line of teeth-removers! Tired of having a full mouth? Remove all of your teeth in one step, with Tony Danza's Teeth Removers!

3. A Harpoon

  • This should go without saying. It's almost 2020, everyone needs to own a harpoon.

4. Dysfunctional Life Alert

  • It's just like a Life Alert, but instead of calling the authorities, the Life Alert translates the victims' cries for help into Chinese. Sayonara, Grandma!

5. Another Harpoon

  • Your life depends on it.

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