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M.F.A. Graduate Lands Dream Job as Cashier at Trader Joe's

Santa Clarita, CA -- Calvin Smith has been an artist his entire life. When he was accepted into UCSD's MFA program to study Ceramics, he knew that one day, if he worked hard enough, he would ultimately don the prestigious Trade Joe's name-tag. "After seven and a half years in school and nearly a quarter-million dollars in debt, I feel lucky to have ended up exactly where I wanted." Smith currently works at the Trader Joe's a few blocks from his parents house, where he currently lives. "You can tell he's a natural" mentioned Jaden, a manager at Trader Joe's. "As someone who has an MFA myself, you can just feel Calvin's innate drive to be a renown artist" said Jaden as he organized the pineapples. Calvin exclaimed that he was "grateful where his studies have brought him" as he gestured to the frozen foods section.


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