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Shell Employee Reveals Vaping "Much Healthier Than Cigarettes"


As he takes a sip of his Brazilian-bold coffee consisting mostly of cream and sugar, Jayce Tucker, 28, stands behind the counter with the answer to living a healthier life. A Sunoco employee for nearly a decade, Tucker has been a first-hand witness to the health-conscious revolution that has taken over the tobacco industry. “It’s a no-brainer” says Tucker when asked on substituting vaping for cigarettes. “Vaping is good because you don’t get hooked, and you have cool flavors like cotton candy and sour apple.” Tucker, with noticeable psoriasis on his forearms, raises his e-cigarette and takes an enormous hit. Tucker's favorite part of vaping, however, is that he can do it anywhere, "inside, outside, you name it.”

When asked to comment on his personal health, he responded by blowing a cinnamon-roll scented cloud onto the gas-station counter, covering the Slim Jim’s and caffeine pills in a thick, white fog.


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